The Difference Between Us and Them


Athletic field lighting has evolved over the years from early wood poles and incandescent lights to everlasting steel or concrete poles and ultra-bright and efficient metal halide fixtures. The structures and light sources have seen significant evolution with the introduction of new technologies, and this evolutionary path will continue long into the future. There is however one aspect of sports lighting that will never change. That aspect is light itself.

To understand our design philosophy, you first have to think about how you want to light your field in the first place. Is it so you can brag to your friends and colleagues over how much money you spent? We hope not. Maybe it's so aliens can see your field from space! While that would no doubt be cool, we doubt that. No, the most reasonable explanation as to why you want to light your field is simple. To play your sport under the lights. Light is what we need to see a fastball soar through the air, it's what we need to judge distance and speed, and it's absolutely critical in safely playing sports under the stars. While any sports lighting manufacturer can install a lighting system, good design is equally as important as the lights themselves.






Football, America's most popular televised sport. At first glance, the field is seemingly simple, but lighting it carries many nuances that only the pros at Pro Lighting can deliver on. See your players improve their game under a Pro Sports Lighting system.




One of the oldest, most popular sports in the world, soccer remains a mainstay sport both domestically and abroad. Learn how a Pro Sports Lighting system can make a difference on your field.




Baseball, America's pastime. The sport presents a number of challenging lighting issues. With more than 21 years of experience in this field, we're confident both you and your players will find our system truly exceptional.




Similar to baseball, softball presents a number of design challenges in its own right. We promise that you'll find your Pro Sports Lighting equipped softball field to be among the best lit in the industry.




Last but not least, tennis is another specialty of ours. From casual to pro, we will provide an industry leading lighting system on any budget.