We take pride in delivering one of the highest quality lighting systems in the entire industry. We won't try to push an overpriced system you don't need, but we'll instead suggest a package that best meets your needs and budget. We're confident that from the engineer, the coach, players, and the accountant, that our system will meet and exceed everyone's expectations.


The complete package, customized to your needs.


We provide a variety of customization options to our clients. From pole type, integral or remote ballast, and even the option to add a remote control system, our customization options ensure your field or industrial project is specifically tailored to your needs. Not sure what your needs are? Give us a shout and let our design team help.



A Complete System


Unlike other lighting manufacturers, a complete Pro Sports Lighting system is one of the easiest to install in the world. Out of the factory, our system comes with pre-wired, pre-assembled, and pre-aimed cross-arms and luminaires. All the installer has to do is simply bolt the cross-arms to the pole, plug them in, and let there be light. Included standard with our PlasmaARC HID system is the industry's only ventilated, rain-tight NEMA 3 rated remote ballast box. Our proprietary, custom made remote boxes are also available as an upgrade to provide remote driver capability for ProDIODE LED systems. To date, we're the only sports lighting systems manufacturer to offer ventilated remote LED driver options.

Additional options include a full remote control system, allowing you to control and set schedules for anything from a single soccer field to an entire parks & recreation installation, anytime and from anywhere. 

We build, ship and deliver each individual component of our sports lighting systems specifically for each customer. We can help with every step of the design and construction process of your sports installation, from initial design conception to assisting you find a qualified local contractor and licensed electrician to install the system. See how our complete system ships to your job site below.

Elegance of Simplicity


When Pro Sports Lighting was tasked to provide new lights to replace an outdated metal halide system at Deer Creek Mackinaw high school's football field, installers were simply blown away at the ease of our system's assembly. Upon arriving via a truck to the job site, be it our PlasmaARC or ProDIODE sports lighting, our system assembles in three incredibly easy steps. A complete pre-assembled, pre-wired, and pre-aimed cross-arm assembly is connected to the pole on the ground as a single unit, via just one cable. Next, a disconnect box for integral fixtures (or a driver enclosure for remote) is installed to the base of the pole. After completing these two steps, the pole is simply stood up, placed in the ground, and power is connected by an electrician. Using our pre-aimed, pre-wired and pre-assembled approach, a 50 footcandle lighting system for an entire football field can be installed in only two days. That is all there is to it. There are no components to assemble in the field, no aiming to worry about, and no wiring hassle to deal with. Everything has been taken care of for you ahead of time in our factory, ensuring unrivaled quality and dramatically reduced installation costs.

Outdated HID system is replaced with new ProDIODE II LED sports lighting




One of the most important components of a sports lighting system, fixtures generate the actual light that illuminates a sports field. From our time proven, dependable PlasmaARC fixture (or high intensity discharge), to our cutting edge ProDIODE LED fixtures, we can accommodate practically any project at any price point. 


Proven. Affordable. Supportable.

Our PlasmaARC HID fixture is an exceptionally affordable and effective solution to your sports lighting needs. PlasmaARC fixtures come equipped with fully internal wiring, spill & glare control as standard, and state of the art optics. Proven throughout the decades, HID technology is extremely reliable and cost effective.


State of the Art. Green. Simply Bright.

Our ProDIODE LED fixture lineup is equipped to take on any field, no matter the challenge. From a twenty footcandle parks & rec soccer field to a professional football stadium, we have excellent LED fixture options for it all. Call us biased, but we believe our ProDIODE fixtures to simply be the best in the business. For less than the cost of an equivalent HID system from leading sports lighting manufacturers, we can light a field to the same light levels while consuming less than half the power. Compared to the rest of the industry, our LED fixture offerings are simply superior.

Click Here to download a spec sheet of the ProDIODE Fixture.