Soccer Design Philosophy


Soccer is one of the more difficult venues to light. Differing in many ways from football, soccer is a sport of aerial as well as ground action that takes place on both end-to-end and cross-field. Playing soccer, for instance, on a football field is not ideal as the ball crossed from on top of the 18 yard box gets lost in the lights. Football field lights are normally placed at the 20 yard line, so they are directly in the path of the crossed soccer ball. Instead, placing the poles beyond the corners of the field moves the glare of the fixture completely out of the line of sight of the players. This placement also directs light on the face of the ball in the keepers view. While the middle of the field becomes the hardest to light with corner poles because of the distance the light must travel, the middle of the field is not as important as the ends as the speed of the game is reduced there. An example of proper soccer lighting design can be found below.



Proper soccer lighting designs consider the game being played and the effects of the lighting system on the games natural movements. If the lighting system detracts from the playability of the game, it’s design is flawed.


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